Schiffbau. A powerful alliance.
Schiffbau. A powerful alliance.
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We are Schiffbau.

Schiffbau. is a capable alliance of professional and innovative provider of maritime services. We develop and work on projects consortially. A holistic customer service model through all project phases is our target. Your benefit: manufacturer independence, flexible organization and short channels.

Marine Solutions

Initial Design
Contract Design
Project Coordination


Power, Automation and Safety Systems
Dynamic Positioning Systems
Electrical Engineering
Systems Integration


Shipowners Consultancy
Management Consultancy
Damage Surveys
Ship Evaluation


Basic Design
Detail Design

Strategic cooperation,
reliable partner.

The provider of maritime services SMK Ingenieurbüro GmbH, Schlüter Marine Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Seaworthy GmbH und Baltic.One U.G. (limited liability) went into a new alliance called Schiffbau.. The companies are going to develop and carry out projects consortially in the future.

The portfolios of these companies are mutually complementary; this has already been proven during past undertakings. It is the aim of this enterprise to offer a complete support during all project phases.

Technical Advice, Conception, Construction, Coordination & Supervision

As a consortium we are able to offer our clients a wide range of services which will otherwise only be found at major system providers. We guarantee complete independence from manufacturers and absolutely flexible organization.

One of our key aspects is the development of environmentally friendly special vessels. In joint projects we have already achieved an extensive knowledge in design and realization of „LNG-fuelled vessels.“

With a lot of passion and dedication we are presently developing innovative passenger ferries for short distances. Our target is a modern and environmentally friendly concept „Made in Norddeutschland“.

In addition, Schiffbau. is currently working on two innovative developments in the Arab region.